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New York Couple Sues Revel Over Summer Slots Promotion

New York Couple Sues Revel Over Summer Slots Promotion

A couple from New York is claiming in a lawsuit that Revel Casino-Hotel’s slots promotion over the summer was misleading and illegal. Last Thursday Nicholas and Margaret Peragine of Lake Grove on Long Island sued in federal court in Newark.

New York Couple Sues Revel Over Summer Slots Promotion

The couple is claiming that the ads were misleading and therefore illegal.

The lawsuit is claiming that the promotion was misleading in promising gamblers who lost more than $100 playing slots at Revel during July would get their money back.

In actual fact the casino was offering a refund in slot dollars that didn’t have any cash value in the amount of 5% of the total loss.

Gamblers were also required to come to the casino each week to use the slot dollars or lose the week’s allotment.

According to the Peragines the adverts for the promotions did not mention any restrictions or made use of fine print that was “virtually unreadable.” The lawsuit alleges that the fine print was displayed on television and online video ads for just two seconds making it impossible to read.

The court filing contains images from the Revel adverts with slogans such as “If You Lose We’ll Give it All Back!” and “You Can’t Lose – All July Slot Losses Refunded.”

So far there has been no comment from Revel.

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