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Reid May Try New Federal Online Poker Bill

Reid May Try New Federal Online Poker Bill

A number of sources are claiming that member of Congress Harry Reid is preparing to re-launch his attempt to federally regulate online poker.

Reid May Try New Federal Online Poker Bill

There are reports that Harry Reid may once again submit an online poker bill to Congress.

So far there has been no word from Reid, however, the sources are claiming that he is prepared to significantly block the expansion of other forms of online gambling in favour of poker.

It has been reported that Reid wishes to amend the Wire Act to blanket-ban all forms of online gambling while making a single exception for poker. New Jersey and Nevada would have the job of operating a dually-controlled regulatory body that would oversee the industry and states with gaming boards and tribal entities would be able to issue licenses.

Furthermore there are indications that Sheldon Adelson, who recently criticised online gambling, is planning on supporting Reid’s bill which would give it a bit more chance in the Republican-controlled House.

Many believe that the bill is in response to California’s debate about regulating online poker in the state. Nevada casinos are worried that legalised online poker in California would lead to a dip in traffic to Vegas properties. It is this worry that will have reconciled Adelson to supporting the bill.

OCA News Editor