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Queen Mentions Gambling Bill in Speech Briefing Notes

Queen Mentions Gambling Bill in Speech Briefing Notes

The UK’s new Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill was mentioned in briefing notes for the Queen’s Speech last week. The bill will see a number of changes in licensing rules for online gambling operators that target the UK.

Queen Mentions Gambling Bill in Speech Briefing Notes

The UK’s proposed new Gambling Bill was mentioned in the Queen’s speech briefing notes.

The new bill claims that it will be protecting consumers who bet online at casino and poker websites which are based outside the UK. At the moment only operators based inside the UK are required to have a UK license. Offshore operators are licensed by the jurisdictions from where they operate. They are allowed to target UK players as long as they feature on the Gambling Commission’s White List.

The new bill requires all operators who market and provide services in the UK to apply for a license from the Gambling Commission. Ministers claim that the bill will result in greater protection for UK gamblers.

Overseas operators will need to tell the UK Gambling Commission if they find any suspicious betting patterns. They will also have to contribute to research, education and treatment of problem gambling in the UK.

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