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Florida Governor Signs Ban on Strip-Mall Parlour Games

Florida Governor Signs Ban on Strip-Mall Parlour Games

Last week on Wednesday up to 1,000 strip-mall parlours where people can play slot-like computer games became illegal in the state of Florida.

Florida Governor Signs Ban on Strip-Mall Parlour Games

Governor Rick Scott has signed a ban on slot-like computer games into law with immediate effect.

The law took immediate effect after Gov. Rick Scott signed the ban a month after almost 60 people were arrested in connection with the racketeering investigation into allied Veterans of the World.

Following the investigation the legislature and governor acted extremely quickly which has led to many questions about the impact of the law and how Internet cafes will react. Scott claims that the ban is the “right thing to do for our state.” It will be down to local authorities to enforce the ban but arcade operators are known to be worried.

The manager of the Tropicana Bingo & Arcade in Hialeah, Johnny Figueria, said that he just down almost 100 machines on Tuesday as a precaution until the new law was better understood. He said that “This law will affect everyone here.” Four employees were instructed not to come to work on Wednesday while bingo manger, Kenia Landa, said that she was worried she may lose her job.

However, the law has a number of supporters who said it clarifies grey areas in the state’s gambling law that weren’t compatible with new technology.

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