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Kansas Escapes Online Gambling Ban

Kansas Escapes Online Gambling Ban

A proposed gambling expansion bill in Kansas that was designed to attract a new casino to a vacant “gambling zone” in the state has failed to pass. Contained in the bill was a ban on online gambling as part of an attempt to please anti-gambling legislators.

Kansas Escapes Online Gambling Ban

A bill containing a clause to ban online gambling failed to pass in Kansas

The proposed bill would also have banned slot machines and video games from the state’s pari-mutuel gaming venues until 2032. In a separate vote the amendment calling for the online ban passed 26-11, however, a number of the senators who voted for the amendment went on to vote against the full bill.

The hope was to attract a casino development to the gambling zone in the southeast corner of the state; it is the only one of four zones which has yet to attract any development.

Unsurprisingly legislators serving the empty zone were the bills most vocal supporters.

Had the bill passed online gambling would have become a non-person, Class B misdemeanour with penalties of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. However, it is possible that this amendment could appear in a future bill.

OCA News Editor