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Bill Puts Florida Online Gambling at Risk

Bill Puts Florida Online Gambling at Risk

The future of online gambling in Florida is at risk. Politicians in the state are doing their best to avoid the scandal involving the Allied Veterans of the World and recent proposals to ban the internet café have been met with a positive response.

Bill Puts Florida Online Gambling at Risk

A bill drawn up after the Allied Veterans group scandal could put the possible legalisation of online gambling in Florida at risk

The proposal was voted on and approved by the Senate Rules Panel by a majority of 36 – 4, now it has passed to Florida Governor Rick Scott who says that he will review the terms of it.

However, some are worried that this bill is a hasty reaction to the scandal and that if the legislation passes it will cause problems for online gambling in the future. The new legislation uses vague language such as slot machines “look a likes.”

The rushed bill has sent a strong message to the Allied Veterans group however; it has caused some upset amongst the Florida Adult Arcade and Bingo Association which has been organising protests in front of local Tallahassee arcades.

While the bill is designed to protect the public, many are worried that as a result of it the funds which could be generated by online gambling may never become a reality.

OCA News Editor