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Legal Online Poker May Come to Texas

Legal Online Poker May Come to Texas

While Texas is known for having some very conservative laws the rules governing online poker in the state may soon be changed.

Legal Online Poker May Come to Texas

There are a number of bills being considered in Texas which would legalise online poker

A number of law makers in Texas are proposing bills to expand the rights of the state’s residents to poker online.

The bills would change the Social Poker Gaming Act of 2013, the Poker Gaming Act of 2013 and one that would allow online poker.

A Democrat from Austin, Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, said “We make criminals out of poker players, and we don’t have to. The rest of the country is catching up to this idea. I hope Texas will follow suit.”

However, some are opposing the move, Rob Kohler, a consultant with the Christian Life Commission, part of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, said “We don’t think it’s a good idea. We don’t think it’s smart business for the state to commercialize poker. We don’t think it’s a good way to raise funds for the state.”

Rodriguez is putting forward a bill which would establish a Texas Lottery Commission to oversee rules and enforcement regarding poker. He said, “I tried to come up with a plan that would both have a positive economic impact on the state but not expand the footprint of gambling.”

OCA News Editor