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New Florida Bill Obstacle to Online Poker

New Florida Bill Obstacle to Online Poker

The Florida House has recently passed a new sweepstakes bill which could make it difficult to legalise and regulate online poker in the state.

New Florida Bill Obstacle to Online Poker

A bill recently passed by the Florida House will make it even harder to legalise online poker in the state.

The bill says that it is not legal for an electronic device to accept currency or coins, nor can it accept account numbers and codes which would award players extra credits, prizes or anything else of value.

The only exception to this rule is electronic gaming devices which are located in approved casinos, tribal reserves and racetracks.

The bill was introduced in order to address a loophole which hundreds of internet cafes across the state were using so they could allow online gambling activities.

The cafes offer players the chance to win prizes when they purchase internet time, players can then play machines were are very similar to slots and video poker machines and win prizes based on their results.

Proponents of online poker are worried that the language of the new bill could apply to online poker which will make it even more difficult to have it legalised in Florida. Future poker legislation will require parts of the new bill to be repealed.


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