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$33 Million Stolen in Casino Scam

$33 Million Stolen in Casino Scam

A man has stolen $33 million from an Australian casino by hacking into its surveillance system. 

$33 Million Stolen in Casino Scam

A man stole $33 million by hacking into a casino’s security cameras in order to watch the other players

By being able to see the Crown Casino’s security cameras he could see what the other players were doing and which cards they held.

There was a second person involved who would then relay the information to the man using an earpiece. According to reports the man was playing games at high stakes VIP tables.

He has since been banned from the company’s casinos and a member of the casino’s VIP staff who was assigned to look after him has been fired. However, it is not known if the employee was part of the scam.

According to Barron Stringfellow, a Las Vegas based casino consultant that schemes where one person wears an earpiece and has a second sitting elsewhere watching tables and passing the information on, are in fact quite common but usually go unreported as the casinos don’t want the bad publicity.

A Crown casino spokesman said: “Crown’s surveillance department recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam. A Crown investigation is under way and is ongoing.”

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