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Kmart Target By Overly Optimistic Thieves

Kmart Target By Overly Optimistic Thieves

A man from North St. Louis County, who had been on probation for felony stealing and is currently serving a five-year sentence for his previous offense, was caught last month trying to steal games from Kmart by hiding them in his pants.

Kmart Target By Overly Optimistic Thieves

Two separate would be thieves were caught by police as they tried to steal from Kmart.

William B. Gooden, 34, tried to hide 19 games down the front of his pants and then left the store without paying.

Similarly, a 21 year old man was caught trying to steal a video game and a headset from Kmart. Police were called to the store and arrived to find the store’s employees chasing the man on foot.

The officers continued to search for the man who had last been spotted in some woods behind the store.

The police managed to track him thanks to footsteps in the snow and also tracked down the video game and headset.

The man was spotted in a Family Fare grocery store as he tried to escape through the back of the store. He was then caught in a trailer full of store merchandise hiding behind some boxes.

OCA News Editor