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Vegas Employee Accused of Stealing High-Roller Information

Last Friday a Las Vegas casino obtained a court order which banned a former employee from distributing confidential files about thousands of hi-rolling customers.

A former employee of the Palms Casino Resort has been accused of stealing information on thousands of the casino’s high rollers.

She is accused of stealing the files by emailing them from work to her personal address. However, Jessica Hemingway, the fired Palms Casino Rest host, claims that she was only emailing them so that she could work from home. The resort is claiming that she misappropriated trade secrets.

Hemmingway has also accused casino officials of firing her on July 9th, two days after she filed a complaint that she had been sexually harassed by a male supervisor with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. Hemingway and her fiancé appeared in court without a lawyer, they did not contest the order to give casino officials access to her computer but they did reject a proposed agreement with Palms attorneys which would require she drop the sexual harassment claim.

The casino is claiming that she emailed over 50,000 files which related to thousands of people, but did not include their Social Security numbers. According to the court filing the files include “valuable non-public, confidential and trade secrets information” such as a spreadsheet detailing the casinos marketing strategy for out of town players.

Hemingway signed a confidentiality agreement when she began working for the casino. Her job was to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of casino customers by making sure they received appropriate complimentary services and had reasonable requests fulfilled.

According to the lawsuit, after she announced that she was seeking another job the company checked her work emails and found that confidential information had been compromised.

Palms has also referred a report about Hemingway’s conduct to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, however, its status is not immediately known. Furthermore, a Las Vegas police spokesman said that it appears no police report has been filed.


OCA News Editor