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EGBA Publishes New Document in Response to Green Paper

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has submitted a new report concerning online regulation in the European Union. The 105 page document arrives in direct response to the EC’s Green Paper concerning internet gambling throughout Europe – a publication which initiated a large scale consultative process across the continent. Beginning with a policy statement issued by the secretary general, Sigrid Ligne, the file notes Europe’s standing as the global leader in the online market and stresses the importance of a consolidated response to the question of regulation.

The European Gaming and Betting Association has submitted its official response to the publication of the EC’s Green Paper.

The EGBA document also goes on to raise serious concerns about the potentially damaging impact of licensing fees. Referring to the proposed requirements, the paper alludes to the “unnecessarily high regulatory costs” which “act as a barrier to an attractive legal offer”. Such regulations could, it claims, direct consumers away from legitimate providers and into the hands of black market operators. Ligne also goes on to attack the EC for violating the terms of several EU treaties – noting that the EC has yet to open any infringement proceedings against member states.

The remainder of the document, meanwhile, places particular emphasis on the question of responsible gaming and notes the importance of regulatory mechanisms to protect minors and vulnerable individuals. It also offers fresh statistics on the relationship between the online and land based sectors and suggests that both markets have the potential to thrive independently. The document concludes that the establishment of a comprehensive EU framework is essential to both the future and integrity of one of Europe’s most rapidly expanding industries.

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