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Poker is a Game of Skill, Rules Toulouse Court

French gaming legislation found itself in the spotlight this week following the passage of a new court ruling concerning the status of poker in the country. A Toulouse court concluded that poker was officially a “game of skill” following a hearing against resident, Jean-Pierre Gleizes who was said to have engaged in unlawful gaming activity in the region.

A Toulouse court has said that poker is not a game of chance following a hearing against Jean Pierre Gleizes.

Gleizes, who was accused of illegally operating private poker events without a license, claimed that the game did not deserve to be outruled under the terms of existing gaming legislation. Bringing forward a team of experts, Gleizes argued that the casino classic was anything but a game of chance and should be subject to reclassification.

Featuring bridge and poker players alongside a mathematics professor as well as top ranking bride and chess competitors, the defence claimed that poker required expertise, skill and dexterity – thereby distinguishing it from other gaming favourites.

Many poker players have responded to the news with some enthusiasm – hoping that the newest developments will pave the way for greater gaming freedoms in the future. Others, meanwhile, have denounced the proceedings – suggesting that such a loophole could have serious implications for other popular titles. The prosecution is currently pursuing an appeal against the court ruling whilst the case is due to be heard o on the Conseil d’Etat. All members of the gaming community will be monitoring developments with very keen interest in forthcoming weeks. European nations will certainly be keen to observe how events unfold as governments across the continent continue to review their own gaming legislation in the year ahead.

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