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Australia Politicians Call for Gaming Legislation Review

Australian gaming has been making headlines this week as lawmakers push for a review of existing legislation. Last month saw the Australian Department of Gaming, Racing and Liquor issue a fresh plea for ministers to reconsider the terms of the country’s Interactive Gambling Act which, it claimed, was failing to protect consumers. The controversial move arrives in the aftermath of the scandalous indictment of several leading US casino sites including well known brands such as Full Tilt Poker.

The Australian Department of Gaming Racing and Liquor has called for a review of the country’s Interactive Gambling Act.

The Interactive Gambling Act currently prohibits online players from gambling with real money. The ruling does not, however, prevent Australian citizens from visiting such sites altogether – making it extremely difficult to monitor and enforce legislation. The Department of Gambling, Racing and Liquor has been quick to note that no arrests have been made since the Act’s establishment over ten years ago despite the continued growth of the sector. Senator Nick Xenophon has been at the forefront of the campaign for change– urging politicians to introduce tougher measures to regulate both land based and online venues. The latest proposals have called for the compulsory instalment of new technology to ensure the establishment of betting limits prior to play.

Casino operators, meanwhile, have responded to the developments with growing concern – suggesting that such technology should be optional for its players. Others have called for the country to follow in the footsteps of European nations such as France, Germany and Spain which have constructed regulatory systems for online gaming. The dispute will no doubt continue to rage as politicians negotiate, discuss and debate in the months ahead.

OCA News Editor