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Casino is hazardous to my health says gambling attorney

In what must be an unprecedented move by any attorney, Margarita Taveras decided to file this extraordinary lawsuit after a series of losses at the casino.

She claims that the casinos had a duty to stop her gambling as they were clearly aware that she was a problem gambler. Apparently she has lost around $1 million in 2 years of gambling. She revealed to The Associated Press that she had dipped into escrow accounts in order to finance her gambling habit. In June 2007 she was disbarred and is currently facing criminal charges.

Among those naughty casinos she has named in her lawsuit are Resorts Atlantic City, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino and Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. The casinos naturally denied any wrongdoing on their part saying that Ms Taveras’ problems are self inflicted.

Judge Renee Bumb agrees with the casinos and said in her judgment that “playing blackjack, roulette or the slots bears no likeness to dumping toxic waste”. According to the judge, Ms Taveras spent money on the likely chance that she might win more money and that this constitutes gambling. Ms Taveras is determined to pursue the matter, she says that casinos do have a duty of care to gamblers and that gambling can cause people to die.

It is hard to imagine that an attorney who is supposed to be quite discerning when it comes to personal matters could so completely lose the way. Hopefully Ms Taveras will seek help rather than blame her problems on casinos.

OCA News Editor