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Online Gambling Patent Infringement Case Draws to a Close

A long drawn patent infringement case between the Canadian online gambling software provider, Parlay Entertainment Incorporated, and Scott Lewis’ company, 1st Technology LLC, has been brought to an end this week with a settlement agreement.

Parlay Entertainment Inc., which provides both online gambling and TV bingo services, acknowledged that certain remote online gambling patents responsible for enhanced online gambling interactivity and improved multimedia quality over bandwidth networks indeed belonged to 1st Technology, and admitted their patent rights.

1st Technology was clearly the company to have first taken action, yet following Parlay Entertainment’s recent acknowledgement of their online gambling patents and the agreement to settle, the company has filed a Stipulation and Order of Dismissal at the United States District Court of Nevada. The highly confidential settlement agreement apparently contains a paragraph in which it is written that neither party admits liability over the situation. It is known, however, that the agreement pertains to all of the indirect and direct online gambling software licensing operations until the date of settlement.

The CEO of Parlay Entertainment, Scott White, said that settling over the patent infringement case was preferred over patent litigation due to the savings in costs. He expressed that the online gambling software company is “pleased to have reached an agreement which provides us with certainty.”
Similarly, 1st Technology Inc. was also pleased to have settled the dispute, and is looking forward to assisting other companies in achieving “compatibility with 1st Technology’s intellectual property.”

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