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Casino Gambling Law Reform In The Horizon in Ireland

In light of the undeniable online gambling boom on the internet over recent years, many countries have decided to remove their anti casino gambling laws and replace them with casino gambling regulation. From recent events in Ireland, it seems that it too will be opting for a regulated casino gambling environment on the Net.

According to the newly appointed Minister for Justice, Equity and Law Reform, Dermot Ahern, the casino gambling laws that have been enforced until now have “past they sell-by date.” Yet Ahern will not act too hurriedly, as he feels a need to first consult with the public and develop a cross-party agreement.

Ahern’s suggestions for the possible casino gambling law reform stand in stark contrast to the previous Minister’s views (Michael McDowell), who believed that all sites in Ireland offering casino gambling services such as online Blackjack or Roulette, of which there are up to 50, should be immediately closed down. Ahern claims that these days it is becoming impossible to outlaw casino gambling sites entirely, and that proper regulation is the fairest solution. His views are considered very similar to those of Barney Frank regarding the UIGEA.

A Casino Regulatory Committee that was appointed by Ex-Minister McDowell has already produced a detailed report on online casino gambling. Ahern has promised that the report will soon be released, yet no plans have been made for the regulation of online casino gambling as of yet.

OCA News Editor