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Online Casino Operators Detected in West Volusia and DeLand

According to the local South Daytona newspaper, DeLand Daytona Beacon, several online casino operators have been reportedly found in West Volusia and DeLand. Despite that police reports have shown a massive increase in the number of online casino operators, the West Volusia and DeLand suspects are expected to receive some official legal attention.

 The online casino operators are reported to be exploiting a particular loop hole that would allow them to attract players to the site whilst not directly doing do. They are apparently selling internet and phone time tokens which offer ‘free’ gambling points for playing online casino games at the site, which awards sweepstake prizes and payouts that are all predetermined.

Yet local law enforcement are refusing to accept this loop hole as legitimate, as they have been waiting nervously for an opportunity to pursue an illegal online casino operation. The pursuit of the operators in these areas comes right after the seizing of an illegal gaming terminal in Escambia Country in September of last year. The local police have learnt from this recent event that they will need to obtain a warrant in order to make the first step against the online casino operators, yet may not do so until an official outcome has been determined for the Escambia case.
Police reports also show that the games for which customers receive playing points can be used at a range of games that strongly reflect casino games and an online casino environment, such as lotteries and slot games.

OCA News Editor