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Gambling at Internet Casinos from America – a Class C Felony

In a recent case filed by a Renton online poker player, a King County judge of the superior Court ruled that gambling at internet casinos is a punishable felony. Following the advice of Judge Mary Roberts that such a crime is worth five years imprisonment, there has been considerable protesting outside the courthouse by supporters of internet casinos, who claim that this is ridiculous. One such protester, Andy Weber, told reporters that the layers of internet casinos are good people just looking for some fun and the opportunity to engage in games of skill such as poker.

The law banning gambling at internet casinos was signed in 2006 as a Class C felony under the UIGEA. Despite that this is comparable to other Class C felonies such as animal torture or threatening the governor, land based casinos and the state lottery (all of which are taxable) remain entirely legal to all American citizens. Opposition to Judge Mary Roberts’ ruling argues that the law is unconstitutional, yet she quickly rejected this.

According to Lee Russo, the attorney for the Poker Players Alliance, most Washington citizens do not care if their neighbors engage in gambling at internet casinos from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Yet even officials at the State Gambling Commission support the law, believing that it is cleverly designed to attack the operators of internet casinos as opposed to the gamblers themselves. Similarly, thought, they hope that Americans realize the dangers of gambling at offshore internet casinos. The opposition stands strong with the intention of appealing.

OCA News Editor