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Casino Gambling Still Under Consideration in France

The struggle between EU legislation and demand of free and equal market forces and the individual European countries desire to prohibit international casino gambling is ongoing in Europe. It is no secret that the constellation of the free market clause and online casino industry has caused many sleepless nights for decision makers in Europe. Although many of the minor EU countries have already bent under the strong pressure from the European Commission, some countries are still stalling, among them France. The French Government has not yet settled for a final decision on the future of international casino gambling on French ground.

Because of the stalling of the legislation, all internet based casino gambling involving money is at the moment forbidden in France. The only options for internet based casino gambling are through the national lottery monopoly by Francaise Des Jeux and horse betting monopoly PMU. However, due to the pressure from the European Commission, the French Government investigates the possibilities for opening up for casino gambling under conditions acceptable for the Government.

The Prime Minister’s office stated that they are in the process of studying the report. It seems, though, that the report does not recommend on a wide-open casino gambling market. It rather recommends, that legalisation of online slots would run contrary to the state’s objective of protecting its citizens against addiction and the prevention of fraud and money laundering. The conclusions of the report do not point towards an easy time for international gambling companies on the French market. But towards a France, reluctant to open op for foreign investors and competition.

OCA News Editor