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Online Casino Gambling in South Africa Put on Hold

Talks over the legalization of online casino gambling in South Africa have been put on hold following debates over the issue of online casino advertising. According to South African politicians, whether or not online casino gaming companies should be allowed to advertise is a question worth asking, and a cause for concern. As such, they have been unable as yet to reach an agreement.

The inability to find a solution to the issue has delayed the process of legalization of online casino gambling in South Africa. The fact that the issue has been such cause for concern also casts doubt over the bill’s future. Industry officials and the Department of Trade are warning that it could be another 6 months before the legislation is even adopted, and that its online casino gambling regulations may even be reviewed again in order to ease concerns held by the country’s National Assembly.

Some are even quick to suggest that this recent snag in the process of legalizing online casino gambling in South Africa, may be enough to put an end to it altogether. Disappointed advocates hope that what has until now been alight of hope for the industry, will not be put out so quickly.
To make matters worse, the South African Gambling Board has been given the boot, with their Chairman’s contract not being renewed, after discovering that he had once belonged to a certain political party.

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