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Online Casino Gambling to be Legalized in South Africa

The prospect of legalized online casino gambling in South Africa has strengthened this week, after a bill has been sent to the Committee of National Provinces for further discussion of the issue.
Online casino gambling and operating is currently illegal in South Africa, and there are no regulations or standards protecting the player’s rights in place.

The bill that was sent to the Committee of National Provinces will discuss not only the option of allowing online casino gambling and operating within the country, but also the establishment of a regulated environment for prospective players, by implementation of strict regulation The National Assembly is scheduled to review the bill for final approval.

While online casino gamblers are obviously thrilled by the prospect, industry leaders are also joining in the excitement. According to Evlyn Masotja, the Department of Trade and Industry Director for Regulated Industries, the regulation of the online casino environment will provide players with a safer and more controlled gaming experience, rather than with a restrictive and scrutinizing system known to other countries.

Similarly, Themba Marasha, Chief Operations Officer for the National gambling Board, believes that “the new law will enable people to license internet gambling…within a protected environment. Acts of wrongdoing will disqualify them should they want to apply for a license in the new South African gambling environment.”

The decision for whether or not online casino gambling will be permitted in south Africa is still unknown , yet expected to be released within the coming weeks.

OCA News Editor