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Hacking of Online Casino Now a Legal Matter

The online casino has become the latest victim of internet hackers, now suffering from severe extortion plots. The latest cyber attack targeted Gala E-Commerce, and caused the online casino to be shut down for more than 90 minutes.

The Head of Internet Security at the online casino, Peter Bassill, explained that a ‘more sophisticated form’ of attack was used by the hackers to achieve such a feat. According to this form, the hackers gathered stolen credit card and personal player information for a period of over 4 months, to prepare for a sudden mass infiltration of the personal accounts held at the online casino.

During the attack itself, 30,000 computers were utilized as bots in order to duplicate the patterns regularly used by the site’s real users. In addition, these bots were designed to block the firewall resisting the hackers’ penetration into the site.

According to the Gala Coral online casino, such attacks can often incur demands of more than $100,000, and they are likely to occur up to 2 times each year. Bassill commented that the hackers’ ability to penetrate an online casino in such a way clearly suggests an equal capability to infiltrate larger and more influential companies, such as the nuclear power industry.

As such, he and the rest of the online casino staff believe that the internet hacking issue has become a case of national security, and as such they have turned to law enforcement authorities for further assistance.

OCA News Editor