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British Casino Addict Suing William Hill

Graham Calvert, the online gambling addict who has taken British casino group William Hill to court over damages claims following a long term losing streak, has been arrested this week for drug charges and firearms.
A greyhound trainer from Tyne and Wear, Calvert claims that the British casino manipulated his gambling addiction by both allowing and encouraging him to play, despite his request to cancel the online account. Calvert is filing for damages to his lifestyle, health,personal relationships, and his lossest via the British casino website.

The 28 year old has demanded that the British casino group pay back the $4.2 million he had lost at their online casino between June and December of 2006, as well as $2.8 million for the group’s failed “duty of care” in allowing him to continue betting. A spokeswoman for the Northumbria Police squad has told reporters that Calvertt is currently awaiting trial and is on bail, according to reports by the Press Association News Agency.

The spokeswoman also said that Calvert is scheduled to appear at the Newcastle Crown Court, although the date has not yet been determined. It is unknown if Calvert has any previous charges to his name, yet the sudden turn of the tables between him and the British casino group, William Hill, is bound to influence their case.

OCA News Editor