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Casino Betting Addict Sues William Hill for Lost Gambling Funds

A casino betting addict has filed a law suit against bookmakers William Hill, suing the world leading casino betting site for more than £2.1 million in compensation for the damages he claims the company has caused him. Graham Calvert, 28, is a greyhound trainer from Tyne and Wear, and claims that William Hill “manipulated” him into continue casino betting, despite his addiction.

The damages he is filing for include the money he has lost from online casino betting, loss of his livelihood and loss of his wife and general health.

Calvert believes that his claims are justified and that William Hill should be held liable for these damages, because of their failure to close his account after him asking specifically for them to do so, in an attempt to overcome his casino betting addiction. According to Calvert’s lawyer, Anneliese Day, William Hill failed in its “duty of care” and the implementation of its own policy regarding the protection of problem and/or pathological casino betting addicts.

Day tried to convince Mr. Justice Briggs in the High Court that casino betting companies such as William Hill must implement a level of care and consideration for such circumstances, despite that they are fully fledged businesses. Her words were as follows: “What in fact occurred was that William Hill actively monitored and manipulated the claimant’s gambling disorder in order to gain as much revenue for their business as possible. They assert that they were entitled to do this whatever the consequences for him or his family by reason of the fact that the claimant was an adult of full capacity participating in an activity the law should provide no protection from.” William Hill is contesting the allegations “vigorously”, and the case continues.

OCA News Editor