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Server Based Fruit Machines Questioned Before Release

The new server based gaming technology that has been installed in fruit machines of over 350 gambling regulators has provoked a series of serious issues. Recently, there has been much talk revolving around the issue of casinos being able to change things about their fruit machines without the players knowing, which is believed to reduce the integrity of the game. Such changes include the fruit machines’ denomination, look, and percentage hold. According to Faisal Khan, the technical compliance manager of Gaming Laboratories International, “the player perception is ‘They changed the game just as I was getting ready to win a jackpot.’”

For this reason and more, gaming regulators from around the world gathered at the 7th annual regulators roundtable and users conference in Tuscany. In an effort to dispel the misperceptions surrounding server based fruit machines, regulators spent a day listening to fruit machine manufacturers, gaming lab experts, and Missouri regulators who are already equipped with this technology.

According to industry experts and operators already using server based fruit machines, most people will not be able to spot when a fruit machine is server based and when it isn’t, as it looks and works in the same way as regular fruit machines.

However, server based fruit machines are also expected to feature excellent technological developments if it is to be allowed, and for this reason, its various aspects are now being investigated for their approval as the new generation of fruit machines across the United States and around the world, such as configuration, servers and fire-walls. There are already several Nevada casinos using server based fruit machines and claim it to be successful.

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