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Senator Kyl Takes Action Against IGREA

When the opposing side is taking action it can only mean that what you are doing is apparently working. While Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act isn’t made into law (yet) it’s certainly making waves. Senator Jon Kyl, one of the strongest opposers of online casino gambling, has decided to take action against Frank’s bill. Currently, the bill has managed to sign 45 supports, and Kyl seems to be intimidated. The Senator has sent a firm letter to several of the House Leaders naming 45 Attorneys Generals who object to the act, hoping to show that there’s still resentment for legalizing online gambling.

“I would like my colleagues to be aware of an important letter signed by 45 State attorneys general expressing “grave concerns” about Representative Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act,” says Kyl in the letter. The letter also includes the statement by the Attorneys themselves. Mainly, they are speaking on the possibility of online casino gambling becoming legal across the United States. The letter is speaking of how the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was successful as an anti online gambling tool, and that they fear the possibility of the new act overthrowing the current ban over virtual casinos.

The letter doesn’t really shed new light on the situation. Anyone who would read Frank’s proposal would realize what the bill is trying to do – make online gambling legal under a regulation system that ensures responsible gambling and tax money for social use. The letter shows that Kyl is taking the bill seriously and that’s a positive thing for anyone who’s for online gambling. The attorneys are expressing their personal feelings on the matter, and that, fortunately, isn’t relevant for the case. Americans want to be able to gamble. The administration should help them do so safely and responsibly.

OCA News Editor