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Online Casino Regulation Bill Gains Additional Support

This is something that we are always happy to bring you: additional support of the pro online gambling bill in the United States! Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act now has 44 supporters behind him as three more co-sponsors join the list. Frank’s bill is asking to allow online gambling to operate in American under a regulation scheme that will eventually tax it. This will bring safe gambling for Americans players and ensure that the economy of the country is enjoying the fruits of a billion dollars industry. Why no support such a bill? That’s a question you should be asking your representatives.

The last Congress members to show their vote of confidence in Frank’s cause are representatives Robert E. Andrews from New Jersey, Adam Smith from Washington and Jon B. Larson from Connecticut. Andrews was a member of the House for ten terms and is considered as one of the respected of public servants. He is a strong supporter of Women’s right, ending employment discrimination and civil rights. Banning people’s right to choose their own private way of entertaining is something that Andrews will not agree to.

The Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act comes to replace the current Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Banning the industry isn’t the right answer – as more and more people being to understand – and something new must be thought of. Frank’s bill offers hope to those of us who wish to see Americans gamble freely once again. If the legal climate in the United States changes and online casino will be able to offer services to Americans citizens and industry will flow right back into the US market. Revenues will go up and tax money will go up accordingly while people won’t feel that the government is taking away their freedom of choice.

OCA News Editor