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Bodog Adverts Court Attention to Technicality

Bodog’s legal dispute has taken a surprising turn now that the online casino firm wants to win by a technicality. As a result of the dispute, Bodog’s domain was confiscated and the online casino had to move to a new location. This comes after 1st Technologies claimed that Bodog is using a brand name that belongs to the company. Putting that a side, Bodog is asking the court whether it is even possible to confiscate a domain name? The online casino firm claims that a Washington court has never dealt with this issue and that domain names aren’t categorized as “property” and therefore cannot be seized.

Bodog has filled a statement to the court asking the above question, claiming that the answer is a clear “no”. However, the court will have to decide if he accepts the online casino firm’s stand or that he does believe that domain names are property and therefore can be seized as a result of litigation. The court had previously allowed 1st Technology to seize thousands of internet domain names containing the Bodog label. If the online gambling firm manages to convince the court, it might get its domain names back. This all sounds like a technicality as the issue of Bodog’s actually using a brand name that doesn’t belong to it isn’t the main point anymore.

Online casino firms are highly associated with their domain names and online casino players recognize them by it. Changing domains surely means a hit to business. Although Bodog’s move to its new domain went without any glitches, other companies might have suffered great losses. Currently, there are plenty of industries that use the internet exclusively and proper laws needs to be formulated. The laws today do not offer the proper solutions for such disputes where billions of dollars are on the line.

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Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.