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Judge Says Poker is Gambling

If you think that winning at poker means that the winner simple exercised a higher level of skill, then you a wrong, according to a Pennsylvanian judge. Richard McCormick Jr., a judge from Pennsylvania ruled that poker is a game of chance and not a game of skill, as many people hoped it would be categorized as such. Labeling poker a game of chance basically means that poker has the same legal stand as any other gambling game at the casino. Operations are not allowed to offer poker gambling via the internet as online gambling is banned.

If poker would have been categorized as sports, or a game of skill, then a loophole in the American anti online casino bill would have been found. Things are far from that. Just this week we’ve learned that official authorities in China have recognized Traktor poker as an official sports. Hopefully, this will influence the American position and maybe poker’s association with other casino games could be undone. The ruling came during a case in which a citizen argued that the police should give back confiscated money taken as part of a police raid on a tournament he was holding. He claimed that the tournament was legal as no gambling was involved. The fact that Poker is considered a game of chance changes everything for him and his case.

The online casino community took the news as a blow. The industry has been fighting hard at trying to get authorities recognize poker as a game of skill, and not a game of luck. If the game becomes known as a game of skill, then it will be very hard for law enforcement agencies to enforce a ban over the game and the people who play it or offer the platform on which people are playing.

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