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Betcha Owner Facing Internet Gambling Charges

The owner of unusual online gambling site Betcha, Nick Jenkins, is still waiting for the Governor’s decision regarding his extradition from Washington to Louisiana. Jenkins is facing internet gambling allegations for running and operating his website Betcha. This site is currently closed and no gambling activity can take place. Jenkins’ case is not your usual State Vs online casino operator as Jenkins’ site isn’t an online casino. There are no casino games offered and no slot machines to be used. The sites’ platform simply connects people that like to wagers; it’s a social network for people who wish to find other individual to wager with.

Jenkins had a run-in with Washington State gambling officials regarding the legality of his platform. Jenkins believes that he is not running a gambling operation and therefore his site isn’t even under the Washington State gambling officials’ jurisdiction. State officials raided Jenkins’ offices and put his website out of business. Louisiana State claims that Jenkins’ site profited from a bet placed by a Louisiana trooper and therefore asks for his extradition. The “profit”, mind you, stands on a whooping 70 cents; a real online casino monster, if you ask me. Jenkins is now waiting for the governor of Washington to give the final word and decide on the course of action in the case.

Jenkins doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the powerful and demanding gambling officials and asserts that his website is in fact legal. The owner of the special gambling platform is a lawyer himself and knows much about the legal system and the law. Betcha, according to Jenkins is a forum for gamblers; a place to meet other gamblers and talk about wagers and gambling on money. Hopefully, reason will overcome and Jenkins’ gambling forum (if in fact that is all the site offers) will be able to open again.

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