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Online Casino Firm Advertise on UK TV

It has finally happened. A United Kingdom online gambling firm aired its first TV commercial under the relaxed gambling Act of Britain. The Gambling Act 2005 came into effect on September 1 making online casino advertisement legal. The United Kingdom government named several strict criteria for gambling firms that desire to advertise, and Ladbrokes became the first to actually air a commercial. The government is concerned with the protection of children and other social responsibilities and only a few names firms are allowed to promote their gambling sites, as for now.

Currently, only a few gambling jurisdictions are considered as ‘safe’ by the United Kingdom government and only firms that license under them are allowed to advertise. The advertisements are also under scrutiny and must follow strict rules. No sexual innuendos are allowed and any attempt to portray gambling as connected to models in bikinis is forbidden. Gambling companies cannot refer to the fact that people are spending money at the online casino and nor to the fact that those people are winning cash prizes. Such advertisements will be banned. It’s not easy promoting your gambling business under the new law – but hey, you can still promote it.

Ladbrokes, a well known gambling company from the United Kingdom, has launched a television campaign targeted at casual gamblers between the ages of 18 and 34. The firm hopes that people who usually bet over the outcome of soccer games will bring their business online and use their gambling platform for such sports bets. Ladbrokes’ audience usually consists from gamblers that bet over horseracing and visit betting shops and it seems that the company is trying a different approach with the new television campaign. Perhaps even Ladbrokes isn’t too sure about the effectiveness or implications of its new promotional effort.

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