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Internet Cafe Involved in Online Casino Operation

According to Japanese police, a Kyoto residing employee of an internet cafe has been arrested for his involvement in online gambling. Apparently, the employee had taken a cut from customers who gambled at online casinos by using the venues facilities. People would enter the internet cafe in order to use the computers and log into online casino sites and paid the employee a certain sum for letting them do so. Yoshiaki Takahashi is alleged to make a total of 16 million yen from his small operation and police are taking the case very seriously.

The online casino site which the customers played at is owned by a United States national who now appears on a wanted list. Police are hoping to locate the online casino owner and place him under arrest for his involvement in the operation of a national gambling ring. Internet cafes have become a perfect target for such schemes. After all a public place offering internet access can be used in different ways to perform tasks that people do not want to associate with their home connections. At some countries, operating internet cafes that grant customers the ability to gamble online are considered as regular casino houses. When you think about it, a computer running online poker or online casino slots is just like any other slot machine at a land-based casino.

The best thing you should do is ensure that gambling is legal were you reside or visit. If it yes, you won’t have any problem gambling at an internet cafe. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that your actions are legit, just ask the internet cafe owner for his policy regarding online casino gambling or even contact local tourist information for detail. Play safe and have fun at the online casino as entertainment is the concept behind the online gambling community.

OCA News Editor