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Illegal Poker Clubs on the Sweden’s Gaming Board’s Target

Lotterinspektionen, the gaming board in Sweden, has decided to put an end to the phenomenon of illegal poker in the country. The board has called on police to adopt a tougher active stand against the underground poker clubs which operate throughout Sweden. According to a report by the body, there are about one hundred illegal poker clubs operating in the country and the matter is completely out of hand. Apparently, Swedish people like playing poker it’s just too bad they don’t have many legal options to do so.

People who like to play poker in Sweden must do so at one of Svenska Spel’s venues. The gambling organization is owned by the government and has a monopoly over poker in the country. People who do not want to play at the designated places must find other solutions. These solutions are not always legal. Gambling groups listed in Sweden and have their employees in the country cannot operate gambling services under the monopoly law and therefore are tagged as illegal. Such firms might offer gambling to international clients, but their operation in Sweden is regarded as illegal.

By offering online gambling via government owned firms, the Swedish government can insure responsible gambling is practiced. This is a definite plus. However, the system also has its flaws. Private companies cannot make it in the Swedish gambling market as they constitute for about 10 percent of the market with the remaining 90 percent under the control of government owned groups. Regulation and taxation could be an ideal solution for the Swedish government. It could keep its control over the behavior and conduct of online casino firms but allow the much needed competition. After all, gambling is legal in Sweden than why not give the Swedish people more ways to gamble legally?

OCA News Editor