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Bodog Fails to Appear before Court and Pays

New details about 1st Technology LLC’s suit against online gambling firm Bodog have come to light. According to the claim, the Antiguan online casino firm was using software that belongs to 1st Technology starting last September. The software helps transmit multimedia information which requires a reduced bandwidth. Bodog is running several services, and isn’t only offering online casino gambling options. The company owns its own record label and has close ties with the entertainment industry. Initial reports regarding the case indicate that online casino firm Bodog failed to appear before the court and lost the case by default as a result.

Bodog will have to pay $48,937,456 to 1st Technology LLC under the judge’s orders for patent infringement. By the way 1st Technology LLC’s team was handling the case it seems like a great deal of preparations had gone into the case against Bodog. The case was built as a demonstration to show that online gambling firms that offer services for American players are not above the United States laws. Bodog is based in Antigua and offers a multiplatform entertainment package for American citizens. From TV shows to online casino sports gambling, Bodog has its hands in everything and many consider the group to be one of the biggest players in the online gambling market in the United States.

Currently, both companies are in communication, as 1st Technology spokesperson said. Apperantly, Bodog has realized the grave implications of their court absence, and hopes to reach some sort of a deal. Additional details regarding the case are yet to be disclosed, but new information will be available as soon as the companies make headway. Before the judge took 1st Technology’s side, the company’s claims were not taken seriously. Maybe Bodog believed that operation from Antigua provides a legal cover, or maybe the big entertainment group was planning to settle the matter outside of the courthouse all together.

OCA News Editor