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Online Casino Advertisements Up for Debate

Online casino firms were happy to learn that in light of the UK Gambling Act of 2005 they will be able to advertise their online business. However, the joy came too soon. Gambling firms could only advertise their gambling services if they follow a strict code of conduct that aims at promoting responsible gambling. When you think about it, this only makes sense as gambling firms will be allowed to advertise as the law states. Broadcasters in Northern Ireland are being forced to work out a specific code of conduct for the area, as the UK Gambling Act of 2005 hasn’t been adopted in the province.

The broadcasters themselves can decide what kind of gambling advertisements will air. The law indicates that gambling advertisements can tell people what kind of gambling services are available, but they are not suppose to invite people to spend money on those services. The online gambling community can benefit from online casino advertisement as it increases the public’s awareness to the industry and to online casino sites. It doesn’t really matter what the restrictions are as long as the brand of the firm can be linked with online gambling activities. People can use the internet to find out more about the online casino they saw on TV.

Online casino firms were hoping that nation-wide campaigns could be held, but that is completely out of the question right now. The legal ground for such massive advertisement has not been created yet, and will probably not be created in the future. A good way to use the current state of affairs would be to use the advertisements as teasers that would provoke people to learn more about online casinos and what they offer players. That way they will not risk any legal problems and only people that actually want to gamble would pick the ads up.

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