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Washington State Takes Down Online Gambling Platform

Washington’s Betcha, a gambling website that features a platform that resembles eBay more than an online casino, has been shut down by authorities. The site brings together gambling fans and allows them to run their own wagers. If you think of an online casino sports book and it’s wagers, you would get a somewhat close idea of what Betcha is offering. People can create their own wagers, be it sports wagers, entertainment wagers, or any other type of wagers – and other people can join in and bet. Betcha offers a unique online gambling experience. Much different than what you might be used to from playing at online casino sites.

Be it as it may, U.S. officials did not find the site’s services to be that different from other online casino venues and decided that Betcha is violating the Washington State’s gambling law. Nick Jenkins, the site’s owner, believes that his platform has nothing to do with online gambling and that the State is overstepping its bounds. While Betcha is a gathering place for gambling lovers, players are not obligated to pay if they lose. Jenkins feels that the Washington State’s gambling law does not address such a platform and hopes to get a restraining order against the State.

Moreover, as the site doesn’t organize or guarantees the bets, Jenkins says that he cannot be responsible for the alleged online gambling action that takes place on Betcha. Jenkins might be right as far as the Washington State’s gambling law is concerned, but if the State decided to take action against Betcha under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act – Jenkins might be in trouble. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act addresses any site that deals with online gambling and prohibits banks and companies from processing any financial transactions for such sites.

OCA News Editor