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Betcha Goes Under the Gambling Commission’s Microscope

Washington State’s officials do not seem to rest as yet another online gambling firm gets the call. Washington State Gambling Commission investigators took down the company operation seizing computers from the Seattle-based site. People who visited Betcha’s site during the last few weeks saw claims made by the site’s founder regarding the legality of the online casino and the services offered there. Apparently, the Gambling Commission did not see eye-to-eye with Betcha’s founder and announced that the site is violating the country’s laws against online gambling.

According to reports in the media, agents arrived at the website’s offices before opening hours and confiscated laptops and other equipment. Chief Executive Nick Jenkins, the founder of the online casino in question, learned about the raid only from his wife. Jenkins said that he is going to fight the state and claims that his site isn’t even governed by the new anti online casino approved by the legislature. The root for such a claim lays in the structure of Betcha. The site isn’t your regular online casino site with video poker games and online slots. The site is built in a similar way to eBay and offered a different kind of betting platform.

People who want to bet each other – in almost any topic they can come up with – can enter the site and use its platform for such a wager. This resembles the way online casino sports books offer different kind of entertainment wagers on the next Oscar-winner or whatnot. Jenkins feels that this kind of platform does not fall under the jurisdiction of “online gambling” and therefore should be treated differently. As new forms of online gambling appear, legislators would find it very hard to distinguish between proper online gambling and other forms of online entertainment.

OCA News Editor