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No Smoking Ban to Help Online Casino Sites?

Who would have thought that legislation could help an online casino? Well, apparently a United Kingdom online casino owner thinks that he can use an anti smoking law in his favor. A new seven-figure advertising campaign was launched in the United Kingdom recently and aims at snatching all those smoking fans that like gambling. Under new regulations in the United Kingdom, it is impossible to smoke in bingo houses and land-based casinos. If you are a gambling fan that enjoys smoking while playing, you’re best bet would be staying at home.

As part of the campaign, players get a free GBP 20 for their first game at the online casino. This way, they can see for themselves how wonderful it can be playing from home. The online gambling firm hopes that people that cannot separate their love for smoking from their leisure time would find virtual casino the best answer. When regular casinos are forcing you to physically attend and obey the laws of the place, you can virtually play at a casino and follow the rules of your house alone. Playing from home has its advantages and the online casino campaign aims at showing the public exactly these advantages.

The second part of the campaign will see a rebranding of the online casino in light of the changes. It’s funny to see how laws that affect regular gambling houses could benefit online business while anti online casino legislation probably increases demand for land-bases casinos. This is not the first time we see a gambling firm trying to ride the anti smoking rule, but we are not sure how successful such move would be. A UK online bingo site owner claimed that he saw no real change in business since people stopped smoking in bingo houses.

OCA News Editor