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Smoking Ban in England Won’t Help Online Bingo, Other Laws Might

The online industry is usually concerned with legislation that affects the virtual online space. A perfect example would be the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Upon enactment, most of the big gambling firms in American has left the U.S. market and started venturing for foreign alternatives. The bill doesn’t state that gambling through the internet is actually illegal, but makes the financial terms impossible for firms that offer online casino services. However, not only laws that have to do with cyberspace might affect the industry and its profit making. Sometimes laws directed at land based operations might generate profits for the online community.

England has recently accepted an all-around ban over smoking and people will no longer be allowed to smoke in public places. How does this affect the virtual world? That’s simple. Bingo halls are usually crowded with smokers. No smoking in public places means no smoking at bingo halls. The only place one can play bingo and still smoke is one’s own house. You get the picture? The virtual online casino industry might win all the disappointed smokers that are left outside of the land based bingo houses.

This is of course an exaggeration of the situation, but it gives a good example of how drastically things can change. Bingo Scotland, one of the most respected online bingo providers in Scotland, addressed the new smoking ban and predicted a very small change in business volume. Even though, you need to remember that laws that hurts land based operations make online casinos business stronger. Just like when online casinos are attacked, land based poker rooms might profit. The industry is divided against itself and it that only when it comes to ‘gambling’ in general we would see both ends of the industry working together.

OCA News Editor