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Players Win More Than Half of eCOGRA’s Disputes

eCOGRA, the industry’s top regulating body, has released its dispute statistics for the period of January to April 2007. eCOGRA is authorized to settle disputed between internet casino players and online gambling providers, as the site themselves empower the regulating body. eCOGRA’s seal of approval has a lot of influence in the industry, and gambling that feature the seal on their sites enjoy large traffic and frequent visitors. For an online casino to receive the seal, it needs to comply with all regulations and meet all quality standards. This way, players can tell which sites are trustworthy and which casinos should be not be played at.

According to the statistics, 54 percent of the disputes that took place between the beginning of year and April 2007 were settled in favor of the players. Not only that eCOGRA keeps our online casinos safe, it makes sure that players are treated with respect. Players that believe that their interests are not best served and that perhaps foul play is involved, can report to eCOGRA and file a complaint. It seems that more disputed were handled in comparison with the same period of last year. The amount of disputes increased in 10 percent. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the online casino industry is treating more players badly.

As people learn of eCOGRA and the possibility of filling a complaint, the number of disputes will only increase. Today, not every online casino player is familiar with the services that eCOGRA is offering and there are plenty of disputes that go undetected. The hottest topic of the first part of 2007 was U.S. payment issues. Many firms have left the United States market, and some of the online gamblers wanted their deposits back. eCOGRA is constantly making internet gambling safer for everybody and will continue doing so in the future.

OCA News Editor