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Land Gambling Face Law Uncertainty That Online Casino Avoid

Apparently, playing at online casino sites can be much safer than attending a land-based casino. Many of Europe’s gambling fans had there casino hopes shattered when the Northern Ireland Poker Championships were closed down by local law enforcement. The Garda, local police, shut down the main event, although everyone believed that there was nothing illegal going on. When playing at an online casino, you can be sure that you are playing on a safe and legal platform. Putting up gambling venues on the net requires licenses and operating permits, that online casino firms work hard for – if you are planning a visit to the near by online casino, you can be sure that it won’t be shut down by the local police in the middle of you game.

With things starting to build up again at the online casino industry, it’s a shame to see how land based gambling is still struggling to understand the local laws. The big gambling event was moved to the City North Hotel near the city of Dublin, and until the legal situation in the North is sorted, the event will take place in a different location. The organizers were certain that the event was perfectly legal, as one-off registration tournaments are known to be legal in Ireland. As it seems, further query is called for. One thing is for sure – you won’t find your favorite online casino move to a different city.

All players were given their GBP 1,000 entrance fee back with an additional GBP 100 as the projected overlay on the prize pool. Just think about the comfort and ease-of-use that online casino sites offer compared to such stories. Some of the players had to travel considerable distance to reach the event, and the cancellation was probably something that they never imagined possible. As with most big gambling events, some of the qualifiers were online casino players that won online casino satellite tournaments – contests were you can win an entry ticket to a bigger event. If you are looking for a guarantee fun time, then heading to the online gambling sites is your best bet!

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