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What Will Be With Online Casino Payment Co Founders

It has been over a month since the founding members of the leading online casino payment company, the successful and widely trusted NETeller, were arrested by United States authorities. The two, Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre, are still waiting to learn what will be the decision on their matter and whether they will eventually see charges being pressed against them. It will be another month or so until they face court on their issue, as the Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York extended the deadline on making this decision, whether to indict the two. The arrests took place on January 15 and the court session is scheduled for March 16.

Meanwhile, the freezing of all NETeller accounts continues, as the FBI considers them evidence in the case the founders are being held with. The online casino e-wallet company is charged with transferring enormous sums of billions of dollars as part of the online casino industry which was outlawed by the US Congress in the fall of 2006. The extension means not only another month of uncertainty for the two Canadians being held but also for the customers of the company whose accounts are frozen and unattainable at the moment.

The online casino payment company’s Website has updated its posting online with a note that addresses the extension, saying: “As a result of the restrictions placed by third parties, court-ordered seizures and related legal concerns, NETeller is unable to make payments to US customers.” Account holders with the company can at least find some cause for optimism in having their accounts being held as evidence, nothing more. Once used in court for this purpose, there is no reason to continue withholding them from their rightful owners who are not a side of the legal battle.

OCA News Editor