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Payout Dispute Results in Slot Club Fine

Recently, a complaint was filed by the Nevada state Gaming Control Board against a small slot machine club in Las Vegas about a dispute over a US 5 dollar slot payout. This payout may seem an insignificant issue, but it has become much more than that now after the club officials stopped state agents’ investigation. It seems that the law is being pushed aside here and that the casino can do as it pleases. If this were an online casino, then the famous watchdogs and mediation organizations would be taking of this situation for the online casinos fan. However, this is not taking place within the online casino industry, so things have to be done the old fashioned way.

The law dispute began in April, when Sheila Mathews claims she was cheated out of a US 5 dollar payout while playing slots at City Limits. Claiming that Mathews was not playing the slot machines, Bartender Betty Storm refused to make the payout, and ordered her to leave the club. Agent Victor Ingram responded to Mathews’ call to the Gaming Control Board. However, club employee Alan Griego, did not believe Ingram was a legitimate investigator. This was despite the fact that Ingram showed proof of identification. One can only imagine the way this would be handled in the online casino world. Hopefully, for online casino players, it would be done so with the utmost professionalism and authority.

When the Gaming officials entered the picture and started to investigate and ask for cooperation from Griego and owner Sherril Doom, things got a bit sticky. The complaint says Griego refused to provide any information in the investigation and he refused Ingram’s request to identify himself and his job title. A second agent, Steve Warby, was then added to the law investigation. When he contacted Doom, she agreed to pay the US 5 dollar payout. When Griego refused to hand over the money to Mathews, things went from bad to worse. Griego got the police involved, but when they left the agents to their devices, City Limits was in trouble. This seems a lot more complicated than playing at an online casino. With online casino games, it can be easier to retrieve the money you deserve.

Because of their failure to cooperate, both Griego and Doom contributed to fines they will now have to pay, which will result in a lot more money than a US 5 dollar payout. Mathews won this law dispute, but maybe she will think about this major inconvenience and play at an online casino next time she wants to win some cash. She might have more luck at the online casino.

OCA News Editor