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Costa Rica is Looking to Regulate its Online Casino Industry

In a recently published research made in the UK, Costa Rica came second only to Antigua in the number of online casino sites operating in its territory. Eduardo Agami, president of the Costa Rican Electronic Gambling Association is calling now for more government involvement in the online gambling industry, as he sees a need to establish standards and limits to this industry. Agami’s statement came this Friday, after the closure of one of Costa Rica’s biggest online casino because of legal problems with the United States.

Agami added that his association will lobby the Costa Rican government for support to the online casino industry in the country. “There are more than 200 online casinos here, employing a total of 10,000 people, but because the industry is not regulated we are having problems with the Americans. The fate of the Costa Rican online casino industry is totally in the hands of our government” said Agami.

“Our association is already working hard on this issue. We’re currently analyzing the situation in order to work a plan to calm down the whole online casino industry and the government, of course”. It seems that the Costa Rican government is willing to cooperate, as Laura Chinchilla, Costa Rican Justice Minister, commented recently that the online casino industry needs “serious regulation. And Agami agrees: “I’m sure that the online gambling industry will prove to be very productive for Costa Rica, but we first need to establish the limits and common standards. Otherwise it simply won’t work.”

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