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Online Casino Self Regulating Body Offers Help

The eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance group, or eCOGRA, has been self regulating the online casino industry for sometime. By imposing strict rules and standards for online gambling operators, online casino sites that feature eCOGRA’s seal of approval are trustworthy online casino sites. People know that for them to play on a safe online casino, they should look for a gambling site that’s sponsored by eCOGRA. Now, with regulation on the table, eCOGRA is offering its vast knowledge base to the United Kingdom’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

The United Kingdom has long been promoting online casino regulation, and many legislators are currently looking into various models. eCOGRA has years of experience in regulation the online casino industry, and can of much help. The modal that eCOGRA uses has proven itself, and should be taken into account by the UK. There are currently more than 100 sites working under eCOGRA’s ‘seal of approval’ and the numbers speak for themselves. The online casino industry can be regulated, as oppose to what many people believe, and eCOGRA knows exactly how to regulate it.

eCOGRA is already working with other regulatory authorities on helping them set standards and monitor online casino activity of licensed operators. Such authorities are Malta, the Philippines and Kahnawake. eCOGRA believes that regulating the online casino industry is the best thing for the online community, and that the interests of governments looking to regulate the industry are the same interests that eCOGRA is striving for, and therefore should work together.

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