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EU examines online casino law

The European Commission is an active player in the online casino business in Europe and its actions will determine the future of the industry. Such is the case with all that regards the laws in some countries, which protects their own country-based online casino sites. Several European Union member states are currently being investigated for their protective laws. The query will determine whether the nations’ law restricts access to online casino sites, an issue that is in the way of online casino operations moving into new markets and new languages.

It is common for member nations of the EU to have their own state-owned companies that control online casino gambling in their home market. The European laws demand free flow of goods and information on many levels across borders, and restrictions on online casino sites infringe the law. While the countries argue that they protect the general interest by monopolizing the market, the EU argues that the monopoly is a syndrome to be cured.

In addition to the legal inquiries being held in different countries in Europe, online casino operations are clouded by uncertainty over the legal future of the online casino industry. EU Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy announced on this issue that he has “made no secret of the fact that I intend to pursue these inquiries. I also have concerns about the legal uncertainty suffered by sport betting operators and related stakeholders.”

OCA News Editor