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This state wishes to house online casinos

GOP members at the United States Congress have recently pushed for and passed a law banning online casinos activities in the United States. The measure is hardly unanimously supported by the American people, nor is it backed by all Republicans, as a matter of fact. North Dakota State Representative Jim Kasper, for one, seems to think differently concerning the legal status of online casinos and the business possibilities they hold in store.

Kasper was trying until recently, to make North Dakota a licensing agency for online casinos. With regard to online casinos, Kasper believes that his “fellow Republicans just don’t get it.” He believes that regulating online casinos would raise income from taxes for North Dakota that would help fund public services. Online casinos are also good for the banking industry, as the state-owned bank will profit from handling transactions.

Kasper is said not to despair from the passing of the online casinos legislation on the House floor, nor of the President signing the law into the books. Although his initiative is practically buried, and online casinos seem at the moment on their way to face a new legal status in the United States, the representative keeps his hope in the courts. “I believe in a court of law we’ll win,” he said. “People don’t want the Internet police in their living rooms.”

OCA News Editor