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Another look at the online casino law

The online casino legislation passed by the United States Congress has fueled a wide-scale debate across the Internet. Analysts, online casino players, politicians and gambling forums have discussed topics touching on the future of online gambling, the legal status of the industry and more. The president of the Poker Player Alliance, Michael Bocerek, has also had some valuable insights for the online casino, brought to you here.

Bolcerek has over 20 years of management experience in leading technology companies. He is also a poker enthusiast and involved in charitable poker. He is certainly a person to consult when discussing the law banning online casino sites. He believes congress is essentially legislating morals, while ignoring evaluating the merits of a regulatory approach to the game of online casino poker. The PPA and he believe that to protect the family, the best way is to establish defense measures that ensure that children are not playing online casino games and that problem gamblers are helped.

Bolcerek says the 110,000 members strong PPA is focused on defeating the legislation. Legalizing online casino sites would go hand in hand with licensing and regulating them. That would be the best modus operandi for the federal government, American citizens, and online casino poker players alike. Poker leagues and charitable gaming would then follow, he says.

OCA News Editor