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Free online casino games and the law

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which was attached to an unrelated Ports Protection Bill and passed by the United States Congress recently, sheds a cloud over the future of the online casino industry in the U.S. Although it purports to ban certain online casino gambling activities, it seemingly has no influence or effect whatsoever on regular online casino gaming. Gaming, which has nothing to do with gambling, is a major aspect of online casinos.

The reality is that Americans who enjoy online casino games have no cause for concern. Online casino sites offer, aside from the gambling options, free online casino games as well. In these, the players do not play for real money. Instead they place fake money that has no significance whether you win or lose it while playing. The online casino site, software and mere concept are the same in both free online casinos and the gambling games.

In playing free online casino games, the player uses virtual chips. The games offer mainly a thrill and experience. Online casino sites have steadily increased the number and variety of free games as gamblers prefer this method when practicing the various games. There seems to be no reason for this trend to change or halt due to the law. As far as the new law is concerned, free online casino games seem to raise no objection. It is a safe bet to say that free online casino games would not be outlawed anytime soon.

OCA News Editor